"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other Plans"
-John Lennon

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What exactly are you selling?

I mentioned in an earlier post that the T.V. commercials here are a bit more provocative than back home...

Here is just one example that was playing during America's Funniest Home Videos...

I dont know about you, but I am uncomfortable!


  1. haha hilarious :) i just posted this same thing a few days ago. i remember months ago when i first saw this i about died. it made me semi-uncomfortable at first...ohh norway :)

  2. Right?!?! And have you seen the one where there is someone making a sandwich and when they turn around the cheese starts "touching itself"! I think that one is for a TV station...I have been dying to find the video of that one online or see it again, andI havent had any luck :(

    PS. How goes the job searching?? I actually start working this Sunday!! It is a part time trial run that I feel really good about turning into a full time job! I am so excited!!....I thikn you should just get your butt down to Oslo and knock down doors until someone hires you!!

    PPS. I keep forgetting to reply to your email, and now I cant find it in my archives (typical scatterbrain me)...but I would love if you would send me some links to the Fashion blogs that you follow here in Norway! That would be amazing!! :)

    Ve snakes!

  3. hey girl! i totally havent seen that commercial and need to get on board (not sure why because all i do is watch TV LOL!).

    what kind of visa do you have? im dying to know. im having issues with mine processing!!! i cant get a part time job until it does :( i think getting a part time job will be a cakewalk once im allowed to do so! where will you be working?!?!! how freaking awesome :) and how did you find it!?

    im gonna send you an email this weekend with those blogs for sure :) when you heading to paris?~

  4. Congrats on landing a job here in Oslo! I hope to find something soon. Where did you find your job?

    I saw you were following my blog, and I just found yours!

  5. Hi Aimee! I actually networked through some friends that new some people that knew some people kind of thing.....I flew out to NY about 6 months ago to interview with the owner of the company when he was in the states for work, and then had a few more meetings once I got here.

    I am really excited because I think it will be the perfect fit! It is pretty much the same thing I was doing back home, but just with different designers. Plus it helps that everyone I work with is so sweet and welcoming!!! I feel very lucky that it all worked out!!

    Ill keep my fingers crossed for you to find something soon! What do you do? Do you speak Norwegian? What city do you live in?

  6. Hi! I just spotted your response. I'm still learning Norwegian (I've completed level 2).. I can understand more than I can speak! Right now I am in between finishing a degree at the UiO and finding a job.. so hopefully something pops up soon. I live in Oslo in the Skøyen neighborhood.