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Sunday, November 13, 2011

På Bølgelengde.....My Norwegian movie experience

Last night, Knut's uncle Arne treated us to a limited screening movie "premier" here in Oslo of På Bølgelengde (which translates to On Wavelength...or how we would say "on the same wave length"). Arne's friend had made the movie in the city of Stord, Norway where Knut's mom's side of the family is from. Oh did I mention the entire film is in Norwegian? 

First a little on the theatre itself. We start out by passing the Bar/ Cafe where you can buy a beer or cappuccino for your movie going experience. Then we went downstairs to get popcorn in what I can only describe as the movies very own grocery store (I say this because the "concession stand" was bigger than our local grocery store).

The only thing I could think about was popcorn....but you dont walk up to a counter where some stoned high school kid with braces gets your popcorn, here there are giant warming boxes...dont know what else to call them...filled with different sizes. You grab one and bring it to the counter to pay...

Then, we go inside to our theater. We find our ASSIGNED seats. Yeah, they assign your seats, and since we bought them right before the movie started, we were in the second row of the theater. But it wasn't so bad because we were in the coziest seats of all time.

Now a little on the actual movie. As the title On Wavelength suggests, the movie is about a couple who is not on the same wavelength in the beginning of the movie. The age old tale of girl wants wedding and baby, and boy craps his pants and faints at the thought of all of this.

I think the look on his face says it all....this is where she tells him she wants more.

To make a long story short, the main girl breaks up with the main guy because he wont commit and then is immediately engaged to some other guy....super creepy, gross guy I might add.
Said creepy and gross guy on the left with the bald head

During this time, the main guy character starts to get seduced by the local "hottie" as seen below.

"Hottie" with her top from Red Eye in 2001

Whenever this "hottie" comes on screen, the song "My Lovin (Never Gonna Get It)" by En Vogue comes on....yes the same En Vogue from 1992....and you're welcome for getting that song stuck in your head for the next week! I can't stop singing it. I think Knut has at least 5 sniper style videos of me singing and dancing to this song all alone as I cook, clean or go about my daily activities. I can't get rid of it now!!

In the end (Spoiler Alert for all of you american readers who will prob never see this film), the two main characters decide that they cannot live without each other and they get back together....and, in true romantic comedy fashion, she is pregnant with his baby! All is well that ends well right?

All in all, the movie was cute, and it was a really fun experience getting to go see a movie all in Norwegian that took place in the gorgeous small town that Knut's family is from. After the movie was over, we met up with the Director and a few of the cast and crew members. The only cast member was the creepy, gross guy though....and Knut and I immediately decided that his character in real life was not too far off from his movie character since in the first few minutes of meeting this guy he happens to (according to Knut since I don't understand a word of what he says) compare himself to James Bond and also tells us a very charming story regarding many shots and some embarrassing anecdote about the director...local celebrity at its finest I suppose! Did we happen to mention that we are from California?

I give the movie and the day 2 Thumbs Up!!

Judge for yourself...here is the trailer:

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  1. The hottie in the film was my English teacher! Haha