"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other Plans"
-John Lennon

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Catching up

I have not been very good about blogging before I got here, so I am going to try to actually keep up with it now that I am a million miles (5315.4 miles to be exact) from everyone I know, I figure this is a more efficient way of keeping everyone up to date. 
So here are a few of the noteworthy things that have happened in the 3 weeks that I have been here.

#1. I am not working yet, and being the workaholic that I am, naturally I am bored out of my mind. To make my days a bit more exciting I have taken to this new domestic goddess  type of lifestyle. In the morning instead of reading WWD or fashion blogs, I have been keeping up with recipe blogs and pinterest to come up with fun ideas for meals and what not. 

The only downfall is that I never seem to have what I need in the house to make any of these meals. So I have to wander out to the market which has quite possibly become the most challenging part of my day. When I was back home, grocery shopping was therapeutic for me....I think it might have something to do with the fact that it was justified, guilt free shopping. Now that I am here, it is a new adventure EVERY time! 

Yes this box with the pudding on the front is Breadcrumbs.
Try to explain to a girl that doesn't speak English what breadcrumbs are! Finding Jello for the jello shots in hollowed out apple "boats" (as the norwegians call them) took 3 seperate trips to the store just to get the norwegian equivalent to Jello! You just don't realize how challenging buying bread is going to be when you can't read the labels or see into the paper packages!......oh and  I got all the way home before I realized that I was supposed to open the package in the store and insert the bread loaf into some crazy machine to slice my bread! (Im guessing the phrase, "greatest thing since sliced bread" isn't a popular phrase in the norwegian language)
#2. We finally got our shipment of things!! It went from arriving in 6-8 weeks to nearly 12 weeks, but we finally have our belongings and most importantly adult sized comforters and pillows!!!! Yay!!!


#3. The hot water......or lack thereof! About 2 weeks ago, we suddenly stopped getting hot water. Knut investigated and found out that the electrical outlet where our hot water heater plugs in wasn't working. To make a long story short, we had to play phone tag with 3 different members of the board of the building for 2 whole days until Monday when they sent out electricians. Two young guys show up, begin to poke around in the basement (the CREEPIEST place you can possibly imagine) and discovered that our whole building was wired wrong and therefor we had to wait for them to rewire it in order to get it plugged in again!.....NOT ideal when it's 45 degrees out in the heat of the day. 

Oh and the other thing that the electricians discovered when they were here is that the intercom in the front of the building for visitors to call tenants and be let in does not work. So they worked on it and got it working, but for some reason, no matter which unit you try to reach, it only dials our apartment. So we randomly get calls from the street now....just another adventure! :)

I'll try to post some more little tidbits as the day goes on just to get caught up on all the things I want to share.

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