"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other Plans"
-John Lennon

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Those girls sound like they could be my people!

I had lunch today with a fashion industry person that I knew from CA. He happened to be in Oslo for about 5 hours meeting with one of the stores here, so we met up so I could pick his brain....nothing wrong with a little networking and a free beer right?

That's not the exciting part of my day though, the exciting thing happened when I was walking home. I am just crossing the street, minding my own business when I hear a couple of girls behind me talking. "Some d-bag in a lifted truck trying to get my number....." is all I could hear.....all I needed to hear. Lifted truck, d-bag, english speaking brunette....all those things add up to one thing: AMERICANS!!!

Naturally I immediately invite myself into their convo (I really am that rude american chic I guess) and ask them where they are from...One girl is living in Oslo, and the other in Germany and they are both originally from Seattle, WA! The girl that lives in Oslo lives in my neighborhood, and so we exchanged numbers and are going to get together next week. That means I officially have 2 new friends here completely separate of Knut and his friends (whom I love btw).

All of this say that I think I may be officially becoming the equivalent to that guy who drives down the street "hollering" at girls to get dates...."That d-bag in the lifted truck"....only I am not trying to win dates....just friends. And technically I am not "hollering" at people , just politely saying, "excuse me, I cant help but notice you're american". That's not as creepy right?!....well just humor me and tell me that it's not.


  1. It's not creepy when it's a hot guy asking for your number haha. So, what I'm saying is.. you're gorgeous and non-threatening... anyone would be thrilled to have you talk to them and, eventually, hang! So excited for your new life adventure and 100% jealous :). Keep the posts coming! I love hearing about your life!

  2. Haha, love it!! You are not creepy at all! They would be lucky to have you as a friend, and good for you getting out there and meeting new people :)
    So glad my Ru is doing well!
    <3 UR face!!

  3. haha dont you just love it!!!!???

    sometimes when i hear native english speakers (like american accent) i get really excited and then i ask them where in the US they are from and they tell me theyre canadian. dangit. basically same thing ;-) and other times i dont realize they are speaking english because im so unobservant, but my boyfriend will notice right away and point it out. it is strange how we suddenly become excited over the smallest things! :)

  4. Thanks girls! Megan I totally know what you mean! I heard someone say speaking English in Clas Olsen the other day, and I think I might have actually chased them down! haha
    Ally: you are doing the same thing little lady! Leaving it all behind for a life in Hawaii is not shabby!! :) Hope all is well, and keep up the pics of the puppy! I can't get enough of that face!!

  5. I stumbled across your blog via Megan's (who I found via some expat blog site) - saw this post and then just had to comment...

    I haven't actually done it, but I've often been tempted to just start random conversations with people I heard speaking english too. I am sure at some point I will (and I am sure they will appreciate it too because we all need a few more friends!).

  6. I totally know what you mean by wanting to hear american accents! I was living in New Zealand this past year and never met any americans!

  7. Thanks girls! The girls were super nice about it! We exchanged numbers and maybe one of these days we will get together. It's nice the camaraderie between fellow americans!!!

  8. It's not creepy, and a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!


  9. I always think it's funny to hear about American stereotypes! Cute story.

  10. i'm here from BPTW and i think it's perfectly okay to talk to strangers when it seems as if you have something in common. i strike up random conversations all the time with other women if they have kids the same age as mine or are wearing cute shoes or for almost any reason. we all need some new friends, wherever we are!

  11. Thanks ladies!! It is so tough to meet new people abroad, so we really do make friends in any way possible....even shamelessly! :)