"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other Plans"
-John Lennon

Friday, December 2, 2011

Berlin on a Whim

Where do I begin?

Here I am working at a showroom for just shy of 2 weeks....very much the new girl still, and the owners come over to me and ask me if I would like to attend their Christmas party in a surprise location.

The only things that I know are to show up at 7 am and to have my passport and an overnight bag with "going out" clothes!

So.....after thinking, for maybe less than a second, I of course agreed!

We show up at the airport and we still have no idea....

We get to the baggage drop......still no idea.

We get to the security check....no idea.

I get randomly searched and subsequently felt up after going through security....still no ideas.

Pass quite a few of those arrival/departure boards and try to figure out the times.....no ideas.

Sit down at a cafe, 3 bottles of champagne materialize.....no idea.

Then, after the bubbles have been pored, they say it in unison...............IT"S BERLIN!!!!!!!!!!!

In a matter of minutes we were on the plane and off to our holiday party....details of the trip to follow, but all you need to know at this point is that I work for the world's most amazing company and it was an amazing trip!!!!

Stay tuned..... :)


  1. awesome awesome awesome! i cant wait to hear more about it!!!!

    and im so jealous you could come here and just pick up ANY job. if you have a university degree here you have to get a job relevant to the degree in order to obtain a visa. and it has to be full-time. i almost wish i didnt have that stupid degree now b/c it has been the death of me here so far!!! what a great company you got in with :) have a wonderful weekend! and paris is soon for you :)