"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other Plans"
-John Lennon

Monday, January 23, 2012

Birthday Trip to Paris

Where do I begin?

Knut surprised me with a weekend trip to Paris for my birthday.

Friday night after work we took the train to the airport and began the birthday weekend celebrations!

We got into our hotel and settled around 9. When we got to the hotel, we asked the guy at the front desk if it was possible to have a room facing the front of the hotel so we could enjoy the view of the walking street in front....he said it wasn't possible, and sent us up the elevator with a bit too much attitude and our key.

We were pleasantly surprised when we reached our room which turned out to be on the top floor and in fact on the front side of the hotel after all. I immediately go to the window and open the glass doors to find that we have a view of the Eiffel Tower!!!!!

We spent that night just roaming and checking out our neighborhood.

I think the rest of the story is best just told through the pics...they are worth 1,000 words right?!? :)


  1. Hey, I have just found your blog this morning and I am loving reading through it. I am a Scottish girl living in Stavanger and am also a huge fashion lover. It drives me nuts that the shops are so limited in our little town. I hope Oslo has much more to offer you!

  2. It must have been such great to travel to Paris to celebrate your birthday. And from these wonderful pictures, it is quite clear that you had an amazing time. My birthday is also coming up next week, and while I won’t be making a foreign trip, I’ll still be enjoying and partying with friends. Have found a great party space at the nearby convention center that would be perfect for my party.